Old Goucher Vision Plan

In early 2013, members of the Old Goucher Community Association (OGCA) and Old Goucher Business Alliance (OGBA) joined together develop a vision for the neighborhood’s future and formulate the steps required to achieve that vision.

The associations decided to focus our initial efforts on the physical structure of the area, as an element that overlaps all of the challenges and opportunities facing Old Goucher. We asked the Neighborhood Design Center (NDC) to help develop a master plan that addresses some of the pressing concerns and future concerns that impact our community’s development.

At this time of rapid change in the neighborhood, Old Goucher faces distinct choices about the kind of community it will become. This report provides decision-makers at all levels with the information they need to understand how our community sees itself and how to help Old Goucher realize its potential for the benefit of all its members and for Baltimore City as a whole.


This plan could not have developed without community input and hundreds of hours of work from neighborhood volunteers. Thanks to everyone who contributed time, comments, and advice.