OLd Goucher Community Association

The Old Goucher Community Association is a diverse group of neighbors working together to strengthen the community. The OGCA focuses on issues of concern to residents of the neighborhood, including beautification of the streets and other public spaces, promoting economic development and investment, attracting new businesses and events, and supporting the safety and welfare of all our residents. 

The current Old Goucher Community Association (OGCA) began in 2004 with adoption of the bylaws (see below for additional information). Recently the OGCA obtained 501c3 non-profit status and has extended invitations for interested residents and business owners below North Avenue to join in the work of the organization. 

The Old Goucher Community Association aims to improve and revitalize the neighborhood, supporting a diverse, safe, vibrant community. OGCA seeks to improve the availability of public and private transportation, while simultaneously making the neighborhood safer and more pedestrian friendly. We also intend to improve the marketing of our neighborhood, and through that effort, to increase home ownership and provide more market rate living units that would benefit Old Goucher’s full spectrum of income levels. We wish to support aesthetic improvements to streets, buildings, and open spaces; to attract new businesses that would provide services to a broader range of clientele; and to protect our significant architectural heritage.




OGCA meets quarterly at Lovely Lane Church on the corner of Saint Paul Street and 22nd Street.

Check the News page for latest meeting dates, schedule changes, and minutes.



Contact OGCA


Old Goucher Community Association
2309 Maryland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21218



OGCA Board Members

Elected Officers

President – Kelly Cross

Vice President – Jay Orr

Treasurer – Kristi Posival

Secretary – Mike Pruett


Standing Commitees

Urban Renewal Ordinance – Jay Orr and Karolina Tittel (co-chairs)



Community Garden Coordinator – Kat Good


Interested in getting involved with OGCA?

Please contact one of the OGCA officers for additional information... or just come to our next meeting. We would love to meet you!



OGCA Bylaws

Adopted September 27, 2004, Amended November 5, 2012


NAME: The name of the organization, formerly the South Charles Village Community Association, is the Old Goucher Community Association, Inc.



PURPOSES: The purposes of the Association are to foster the general welfare of all residents, businesses, and workers in our community, maintain our community’s appearance, safety, and good order, promote cultural, racial, and ethnic harmony in our diversified neighborhood, and encourage responsible government.



BOUNDARIES: The boundaries of the Association are the center line of 20th Street on the south, properties on the east side of Guilford Avenue on the east, the centerline of 27th Street on the north, and properties on the west side of Howard Street on the west.




  1. Membership requirements: Persons eligible for membership in the association shall meet the following criteria: any person who resides, worships, works, owns a business, or owns property within the geographical boundaries of the association. For an eligible person to become a member, he must pay the annual membership dues as set by the Board of Directors.
  2. Voting: All Members shall have one vote. There shall be no proxy voting.
  3. Termination of Membership: A Membership will automatically be terminated if a Member no longer meets the criteria set forth in section 4.01 of the Bylaws.




  1. Election: The officers shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The officers shall be elected annually by the members. The President, Vice President, and Secretary are eligible to succeed themselves twice, that is, the President, Vice President, and Secretary may serve for three consecutive years in the same office. The Treasurer is eligible to succeed himself four times, that is, the Treasurer may serve for five consecutive years in the same office.
  2. Vacancies: Any vacancy occurring in any office, for whatever reason, shall be filled by a majority vote of the membership present at any membership meeting at which there is a quorum, and any officer so elected shall fulfill the term of his/her predecessor.
  3. Removal: Any officer may be removed, without cause, as determined by a two-thirds vote of the membership present at any membership meeting at which there is a quorum.
  4. Resignation: An officer may resign only by submitting a written resignation to the Board of Directors.
  5. Authorities and duties: The duties and responsibilities of the officers are those that usually pertain to these offices.



COMMITTEES: The Steering Committee is composed of the four officers and the chairs of any standing committees. Other committees necessary to fulfill the purposes of the Association can be organized by the officers and members.



DIRECTORS: Members of the Steering Committee will be the Board of Directors of the Association.




  1. All members are notified at least a week in advance of the time, date, and place of each meeting. A quorum for the conduct of business consists of three of the Association’s officers. Meetings are conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order. Whenever possible, however, the members try to arrive at consensus. Full membership will meet a minimum of four times a year and other times at the call of the President.
  2. The Steering committee will meet at least six times a year.
  3. Steering committee procedures: All decisions made in Steering Committee meetings may be overturned by a majority vote of the membership present at any membership meeting at which there is a quorum. All minutes from Steering Committee meetings shall be available at the subsequent membership meeting. Emergency steering committee meetings may be initiated as long as two days notice by phone, e-mail, or letter to all Steering Committee members is given and a quorum exists at the emergency meeting. Voting on an issue brought up in an emergency Steering Committee meeting can be done by phone or e-mail as long as it appears in the Steering Committee minutes at the next membership meeting.
  4. Annual Meeting: Election of Officers shall occur at the Annual Meeting. The annual meeting shall be announced to all the members of the association in writing at least one week prior to the meeting.



VOTING PROCEDURES: Voting may be done verbally, by raised hands, or by written ballot at the preference of the secretary.



CONFLICT OF INTEREST DISCLOSURE: Members of the association, including officers, shall disclose any possible financial conflict of interest they may have regarding a particular item of business being considered by the association.



AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the bylaws can be adopted at any regularly scheduled meeting after all members have been notified of the nature of the proposed amendments.