OGCA Monthly Meeting Notes - October 2014

Location: Lovely Lane Church

Called to order: 7:05pm

Baltimore Tree Trust:

Tree inventory is complete, just needs to be analyzed

We'll be the only neighborhood in Baltimore to have a complete tree inventory and game plan to move forward!

Next planting: Easter Island Head 9am Saturday Nov 8th 

We have 250 existing new trees that will need pruning in next 1-2 years and 300-350 planting opportunities, so upwards of 600 trees that'll need some love from us over the next several years

Baltimore Tree Trust will water our trees

Need 25 OG residents certified as "Tree Pruning Experts" and a tree committee

Next course is Dec. 6th at Locust Point

Go to www.baltimoretreetrust.org to sign up!

New large planters around the neighborhood came from a $4000 grant. 20 massive planters. Will be painted with OG logo. OGBA will be adopting some trees and planters.

In kind donation from Robert Harrington giving us a $6000 watering truck!

Can get free mulch in January from Christmas trees

Clinic Saturation Issues:

Task Force has drafted a position paper

Met with Del Washington's aide

Meeting soon with Sen. Pugh

Will have steps soon to gain support from around the state for our legislation

Legislation is asking that clinics show a need before moving into a community, similar to a hospital

Delegate Washington helping us navigate the legislative process and find the best way to get it through quickly. No guarantees it'll pass this year. Complex issue, new cycle with new delegates and a new governor. So it goes.

Could be worth trying to connect this issue to the Baltimore City Drug Task Force Study

Update re: Benefits District

No one here from CVCBD to give proper update

Survey on what services we'd like to see from the Benefits District is coming

We need better pedestrian lighting in Old Goucher

We could have some money left over from the Edge Park funds. Could leverage some of it towards pedestrian lighting

Charles St could be covered by Charles St Development Corp

[Sidenote: OG now has permanent seat on board of Charles St Development Corp]

St Paul still needs lots of work

Goucher College had beautiful old-style lighting fixtures. Could be great to replicate them on several blocks of St Paul (for starters) to set the tone for the rest of the neighborhood

HCPI could provide grants to spread it out further in the neighborhood soon

Churches on St Paul would be grateful for improved pedestrian lighting

Update on 25th Street Station

City has reached out requesting litigants against 25th St to drop lawsuit

Kelly wants assurances in writing first from Seawall that they have abandoned the PUD. Haven't connected yet.

Need to keep in mind that our Safeway could be closed if Cerberus decides it's not worth keeping open.

Gotta start thinking of other uses (included possibly a different grocery) for that massive lot

One-Way to Two-Way Streets:

City is looking to turn several one-way streets that run through OG into two-way streets

OGCA may be starting a committee to explore this issue

Anyone interested in joining should email Kelly (cross.kelly@gmail.com) or Damien (nichols.damien@gmail.com)

Crime Update:

Part 1 crime (homicide, rape, aggravated assault) down 10%

Commercial Robberies down 17%

Property Crimes down 11%

Street Robberies up slightly

OGCA Elections

Next Month, November 24th

All positions are up for election:


-Vice President



If you'd like to run, email Damien (nichols.damien@gmail.com)


New Lovely Lane custodian - Ivan Reyes

RFP will be out by end of Oct for Parole & Probations to move out of the building on Guilford (yay!)

Meeting Adjourned 8:10pm

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