OGCA Meeting Minutes - December 2013

Sorry for the late posting. Here are the minutes from last month's OGCA meeting. Hope to see everyone tomorrow for the January monthly meeting, 7pm at Lovely Lane Church! Old Goucher Community Association, monthly meeting notes Dec. 2013:

Standing committees, chairmen become members of the board.Investment strategy and economic development standing committee (John Schnieder, chair)  Greening committee (Mateusz, chair) - tree canopies & ext - (Larry, Katie Kunst) Land Use Committee (chair TBD) - reviewing permits, approve/disapprove developments (Jay Orr, Kara, Ranisha Moore).

Kelly Cross: We're working towards becoming an autonomous self sufficient neighborhood association.

Committee Report  John Schneider (chair) Keeny, Damien, David Lyclip. 1 - Working committee not just a discussion group - actionable implementable initiatives. 2 - Mission statement (in process) Creating an even more appealing environment in OldGaucher - to get people to visit. 3 - Research and data gathering has to precede any proposal.  Financial incentives, zoning regulations etc.

Kelly: Proposed methadone clinic at 21st & Charles St. Clarification requested, Will Rogers to talk to us about their clinic.

Open Discussion - Bob, opposed - a resolution has already been passed against any such new clinics.  Can't get sufficient info from the clinics in the area to be able to understand the nature of the situation.

John Scheider - Need to give these guys a chance to make their pitch.

Christopher - need some context 70 clinics in Old Gaucher???? Need to get an accurate demographic context to be able to take reasonable

Allie - CBP task force on over-saturation of clinics - agencies working on a list of residents concerns.  Making a map of clinics - bunch of people wiring on this.  How can we legally prevent clinics coming to the neighborhood.  See doodle poll for upcoming meetings.

How many agencies - more than 40 for sure, but exact numbers are difficult.

Humberto - Has to frequently ask people to stop urinating in front of his house.  AA and NA people are fine, but rehab and methadone have dodgy people hanging around all day.

Christopher - 109 e 25th - will not be a clinic - will be transitional  house which provides medical counseling.  Methadone can be used there, but not dispensed there.

Jane - don't even let guy talk to us, why waste any more time on this.  Give him the resolution we already passed.

109 was probably acquired for a real sweet price.

8:03  Councilman Carl Stokes arrives

Transportation initiative - Purple line extension, street car service, network of street cars in Baltimore.  Better connections to the transportation nodes we already have..  #27 needs to be every 15 minutes instead of half hour service if you are lucky.

Bus shelters on Remingtom (Seawall) MTA plan to put Cycle tack on Maryland Avenue. Money has been allocated for the cycle track ? not in FY this year, maybe last year.

Lane - Walmart, traffic. 23rd and Calvert - lots of accidents. City says no traffic calming warranted. city rejected our  proposal to remove a couple of parking spots which would have improved visibility.

25th, Charles and Calvert lots of people drive too fast.

Mateusz - greening committee

Speaking to Deric Beals - forestry $100,000 PER ACRE FOR CONCRETE REMOVAL. Public/private partnership under consideration. Maryland Ave park hundreds of tons of concrete removed.  Children vs dogs.

Delegate Mizeur (candidate for Governor) addresses the OGCA. Video of Del. Mizeur's remarks may be made available.
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