June 2013 General Meeting

Monthly Meeting MinutesJune 24, 2013 Lovely Lane Church

Officers’ Reports

PRESENT: 22 people were in attendance at the meeting, including presenters.

CALL TO ORDER: Jeanne Knight called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.

Jeanne presented a motion to accept the minutes. Kris Northrup seconded. The motion passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Peter Duvall stated that the current available balance is $6240.90 after a $99.00 deposit from the Parks & People Foundation.


Northern Police District

Officer Gibson from the Northern District shared information about the recent shootings. Jeanne asked about prostitution. Officer Gibson recommended that we call when we hear gunfire to report the approximate location and to give any information that might be observed.

Kelly asked about the police being shorthanded. According to Officer Gibson, Northern is better equipped than other districts. Calls to 911 are prioritized into three categories: threat to a person, threat to property, and everything else. Lower priority calls continue to get pushed back, which can account for response delays. We can always call supervisors for an explanation if the time seems unduly long.

Peter asked about groups of police cars that appear to be out of service for an extended period of time. The Officer explained that a squad will hold meetings in the field at certain times.

Jeanne asked about John Grant’s plan to go around in a van with the police commissioner and observe prostitution hot spots. The Officer did not have any information about this.

Kris Northrup asked about the police involved car accident at Charles & North. Officer Gibson did not have information.

Officer Gibson shared that a two man unit is assigned to the greater Charles Village area.

Vanessa asked about what will prompt the prostitutes to be arrested. Officer Gibson explained that the vice squad will prompt the prostitutes to gather grounds for an arrest. John Henderson asked if more prostitutes or johns are arrested and what the police do to deal with the johns. The Officer said more prostitutes are arrested. Jason expressed concern about the prostitutes affect on traffic, especially around 24th Street. The Officer suggested possibly having some no turn signs to reduce cruising as well as potentially closing off some streets. Peter suggested really aggressive traffic enforcement as the best possible defense. The Officer stated that the police do use traffic enforcement as a strategy. Jason asked about doing traffic enforcement in the evening and whether or not that would be a revenue neutral activity.

Jeanne asked if the officer had seen any correlation between the cab drivers and the prostitution. The Officer stated that he had not, but stated that it was certainly a possibility. Jason asked about property crimes, including minor crimes and thefts. The Officer stated that if you have been a victim of a crime and the officer does not provide you with the appropriate level of service, call the supervisor and the supervisor will either give an explanation or handle the matter. The Officer stated that you should call through the 911 system. The officer stressed that Major Tapp-Harper takes this very seriously and seeks to handle all these instances.

Ongoing Business

National Night Out

John Henderson and Max and Jessica Grace presented on their plans for the event. Max gave some background about the event: an opportunity for the community to show that there is opposition to the criminal element. “Crime prevention through barbeque”: family friendly, fun event that will incorporate food and music along with social service tables. Jessica stated that the group has identified a number of groups that the will invite: fire department, police department, YMCA, Red Cross, etc. Seeking donations in the form of time, money, and talent. We will need $175 to apply for the special events permit. Peter recommended that the event get insurance from Greater Homewood or CVCBD. Other asks include $250 for a stage from Parks & People and money for a generator. CVCBD will supply hamburgers, hotdogs, a grill, and trashcans as well as service for the trashcans. An attendee suggested approaching H&S and other stores for donations. Jeanne asked for membership approval for Max and Jessica to use the community letterhead for their work. Peter stated that part of the reason Old Goucher supports this event is the opportunity to flyer and promote the community association. Jason offered to write a check for the permit fee. The community association bank account will handle the funds. Peter suggested putting a wishlist out on Nextdoor as well as approaching the OGBA for donations. Next meeting for the planning committee was set for July 14 at 3pm.

Charles Village Community Benefits District

Jason Pyeron presented about the camera effort, which only needs $12,000 more in funding. Looking to expand into helping with code enforcement, police patrols etc. Jeanne shared that she sent a letter of support for grant for cameras.

Bob Brent presented about the high rise building on J-Van story building and the issues there. Bob shared that he learned at the Business Association meeting that the Circulator might be extending to University sooner than Fall 2014. He also shared that there is a study about making St. Paul and Calvert two way streets but this will require at least 24 months of study.

Reni shared some information about the building

Reviving the public safety task-force and addressing some issues that cut across neighborhoods.

Urban Renewal Ordinance Community Review Panel

Kelly Cross shared some basic information about the URO. Two projects came before the URO at their first meeting. The first case was at 107 E. 25th St, a possible clinic. They were not doing anything that modified the external façade of the building. The second project was a design proposal from Margaret Brent to make a more attractive park there. The basketballs courts will remain the same size.

Kelly spoke about the importance of the URO, pointing out problems in the community stemming from dilapidated buildings and slumlords. Kelly explained that the URO is hoping to make the neighborhood better by working on these issues, especially through restricting the number of clinics and their ability to expand. Kelly shared information about a recent meeting with State Delegate McIntosh and Councilman Stokes to discuss issues with the clinics and their hope to get state support for limiting clinics. Peter also suggested making some amendments to the URO, to extend its boundaries because ours only goes to 22nd St. The Charles North URO includes the area concentrated with clinics but it does not address clinics specifically.

Old Goucher Master Plan

Reni Lawal shared that the scope of work has been signed. Jay is working on the grant for the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Need to schedule a meeting to refine our schedule. Jeanne is hoping to have a project plan by the next meeting.

Seawall/25th Street Station

Jeanne Knight shared that 25th Street Station is still on hold. Bruce Mortimer has sold his property to Seawall and is planning to do a three block development in Remington. It is possible that the body shop at Remington Avenue and 29th Street will be relocated to the Anderson Auto Repair Center at Howard & 25th Street. OGCA is seeking a commitment that if we approve the body shop, then they will do some development in the immediate area that would be good for the neighborhood.

Peter proposed a resolution that any proposal from Seawall that does not include development for Old Goucher within the next five years is unacceptable to the community association. Jason seconded.

Jason presented a motion that OGCA not support any endeavor by any organization that specifically excludes Old Goucher. Motion was not seconded.

Kelly suggested that we will only support the Community Legacy Grant for development in Old Goucher.

MOTION: Peter Duvall motioned that Old Goucher Community Association does not support a Community Legacy Application that contains no provision for development in Old Goucher in the next five years. The motion PASSED.

Community Garden

Cathleen O’Neal discussed progress at the garden. She also stated that we have entered the Clean Community Competition and plan to adopt the lot at 22nd & Hunter. Other members in attendance offered thanks for other greening efforts including Peter’s tree planting and Kelly & Mateusz’s work.

Charles Village Land Use Committee

Jeanne Knight explained that the Hookah Bar on 25th Street. The business person did not show for the hearing, withdrawing their application because of no smoking laws. She reported that there was nothing else really urgent to share.

Homewood Community Partnership Initiative (HCPI)

Jeanne presented about the meeting, which mostly discussed promoting neighborhood schools and increased funding for the Healthy Neighborhoods program.

Commission for Historical & Architectural Preservation (CHAP)

Mateusz Rozanski talked with Kathleen Kotarba, Executive Director of CHAP. She expressed great interest in creating a CHAP district in Old Goucher, but they are having issues with funding for their staff. They would need at least one more person to implement CHAP law in OG ($60-80k needed). The problem is not creating the district but they would have problems doing historic review for it. Jeanne suggested that we need to do some lobbying on this.

Social Services and Clinics Committee

Peter Duvall spoke about Dr. Eisenhower who has a medication plan that gets patients off methadone and drug free entirely. Peter stressed that in communication with the doctor that we do not necessarily support him just because we are in conversation with him.

New Business

Community Bulletin Board

Jason suggested creating a community bulletin board.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:20pm.


July 29, 7pm – OGCA July Meeting

August 6, 6pm – National Night Out in Calvert Street Park

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