OGCA Meeting Notes - January 18, 2018

Old Goucher Community Association
Meeting at Lovely Lane United Methodist Church  Thursday, January 18, 2018, 7:00 p.m.

Officers Present:
Kelly Cross, President
Jay Orr, Vice President
Kristi Posival, Treasurer
Mike Pruett, Secretary

Meeting called to order

No formal written agenda for this meeting.

Safety Briefing: Tony Brown, CVCBD Safety Liaison (BPD Ret.)  tony@charlesvillage.org
Crime reports show three year decrease.
Hired Wolf Security, who had a previous contract in the area with Under Armour.
Wolf is funded by CVCBD, Gold Sector grant, and Hopkins.
Coverage Area: 25th to 20th, Guilford to Howard
BPD is understaffed; hiring in October for 7-3 shift.
50% of crime on Charles Street from 25th Street down is due to Safeway (thefts/shoplifting); it still counts against our crime rate. Spoke to Safeway Loss Prevention Manager and higher managers.
Each week there is a Safety Advisory Meeting with Northern Precinct.
Wolf has been patrolling and making a difference.
Hotspots: 20th & Maryland - daytime dealing of drugs/pills.
Stated in contract that BPD is not absolved from patrolling area due to Wolf’s presence.

Brad from Charles North Community Cooperative (Red Shed) Garden
Changing name to Red Shed Community Garden & Events Space
Taking over from Kevin who moved to PA.
Making a comeback after some neglect-some 20 JHU volunteers to clean up the space.  There had been homeless squatting in the shed and there was a stabbing.
Water hookup costs $120 for the summer but is from St. Paul Street side, source would be better close to the Hargrove alley side.  Garden had been associated with Charles North.
Currently vacant land that is in tax receivership with the City.  Want to apply with Baltimore Green Space which will urge the City to grant and recognize the space as a garden.

Kisha Webster - President of Greenmount West Community Association was recognized.
Greenmount West meeting is Wednesday, February 7, 6:30pm at OpenWorks.

Unveiling of Zoe Leonard’s “I want a President”
Being installed now on wall on 23rd at Maryland
This coming Saturday January 20 at 1pm
Reading and reception to follow.

Kelly envisions this as part of a larger public art initiative of globally prominent, major international artists in parts of the neighborhood and as a catalyst for local artists.  Not as much murals, as that has been done often.  More into large scale works.

23rd & Maryland - Courtyard, Carriage House
23rd & Maryland - Dutch Garage

Pride Festivities - Charles Street:
Wyman Dell to North Avenue
Block Party: 23rd to North Avenue
June 15, 16, 17

Jay: Updating website with Bruce Willen of Post Typography
To be combined OCGA/OGBA - a new portal for learning about Old Goucher online.

Question from Kristi about CVCBD surcharge.
It is separate from City property tax - not paid by the mortgage company.
Kelly: not a fan of benefits districts philosophically. Results in segregated services.
Options: could opt out of CVCBD, go it alone, join Midtown or create our own benefits district; may be a better fit for Old Goucher, as we are more urban core than the area around JHU.
Kristi lived in Fells Point which was not in a district - was a disaster - no trash cans, no services, weeds everywhere.

Nick Mitchell - Noisy Burger in R House - working and collaborating with arts in Greenmount West.

Question about protocols and level of cooperation with Wolf Security and BPD - are these records of interaction still public and admissible.

Meeting with Councilman Pickett (7th) - establish nodes of businesses in each neighborhood (Reservoir Hill, Oliver, Greenmount West, etc.)  Suggested after meeting with leaders of other community associations.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm


Mike Pruett
OGCA Secretary


Mike Pruett