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Contribution + volunteer Opportunities


Other Ways to Support Old Goucher

Volunteer in Your Community

Please also consider volunteering your time and talents to help improve the neighborhood. There are many different opportunities throughout the year — from spring and fall tree-plantings and our community gardens to National Night Out to non-profit organizations that could always use a helping hand! Examples of organizations and events include:

Do you have a community-building event, project, or neighborhood improvement initiative? Please contact the OGCA or OGBA and share your idea with us! And don't be shy to take action if you see a need or issue in the community that you can improve!

Nextdoor is also a great resource for finding new opportunities to get involved.


Get Involved — Join the OGCA or OGBA

Attending meetings of the OGBA (Old Goucher Business Alliance) or the OGCA (Old Goucher Community Association) is a great way to meet your neighbors, find out what is happening in Old Goucher, and getting more involved. 

The OGBA meets at 1:00 PM on the second Tuesday of every-other month at the PNC Bank branch on 25th Street. 

The OGCA meets in the evening at Lovely Lane Church once per quarter. Visit our News page for the most up-to-date meeting information.


To be included on the emailing lists of either organization, contact Mike Pruett for the OGCA and Jay Orr for the OGBA.